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The website dedicated entirely to Fittingly Sew. Fittingly sew is the leading software program in pattern drafting. Great solution for small businesses, designers and home sewing. 

Fittingly Sew gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you can be.  
Here you will learn to share ideas and create patterns using your slopers. Many people make their own clothes  so that they can achieve the perfect fit which is so important for good looking garments. Making your own garments may sound like a formidable task but with Fittingly Sew you'll find it is fun and very easy, in fact drafting patterns with Fittingly Sew is the simplest form of pattern making.
This powerful programme gives users freedom to   create whatever they want. The only limitation is your imagination!

Order full set of slopers for flat pattern drafting. In size 6 to 20. A sloper is term used for basic pattern pieces. They are sometimes referred to as master patterns, block pattern or foundation patterns. They usually do not have seam allowance but if they are to be used as patterns seam allowance must be added. Slopers are the foundation to your design process.

Use our training manuals to get to grips with Fittingly Sew, we'll get you up and creating straight away with tutorials, easy to follow step by step pictorial guide.

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